Thursday, November 13

So we were right... (robbing bastards)

Last week, we predicted Villareal would charge United fans between £50 and £58 for the 2,800 away-end tickets for the Champions League match on December 25. And lo and behold! It's £58.

In fairness to United, they did try to persuade the Spaniards to sort it out but, unsurprisingly, they were having none of it.

Hiking up the prices for a top-draw opponent is nothing new to Spanish football.

When the likes of Espanyol or Malaga play Barcelona or Real Madrid they will raise all their prices by £20 without fail - even if it means a far-from-full stadium.

If you applied, you might be one of the lucky ones (!) who ends up with one of the £50 restricted view tickets (as it will be self-enforced unreserved seating anyway. There are also 'VIP' tickets (so basically 'tickets in the main stand) for £102.50.

Though United have fought these ridiculous prices, in my view, they are at fault for three things:

- they didn't give a date for when applications results would be out, leaving applicants with no chance to withdraw their application once they discovered the price
- a day after United published the price, they released the application results, giving applicants no chance to withdraw their application

- they added on £1.74 for admin and £4.45 for postage, taking the total ticket price to £64.19.

Of course, fans who have got tickets can return them (before November 20), but they know that means losing a credit and many fans have already booked flights.

The question must be asked: Why haven't Celtic, Aalborg and United reported Villareal to UEFA about these extortionate prices?

Meanwhile, MUTravel has released details of its three Villareal trips.

Day trip: A match ticket, flights from Manchester to Valencia returning after the game, coach transfers and a tour guide. Price: £357 plus £11 insurance.

Overnight trip: Flights from Manchester to Valencia leaving the day before the game and returning after the game, a night at the four-star NH Las Artes hotel (pictured left) in Valencia, coach transfers to the game and a tour guide.Price: from £449 plus £11 insurance. A match ticket is reserved but not included in the price.

Executive overnight trip: A match ticket, flights from Manchester to Valencia leaving the day before the game and returning after the game with dedicated check in at both airports, speedy boarding, food and drink throughout.

There is also one night at the five-star Melia Valencia Palace and a three-course meal. Price: from £722 plus £11 insurance. Click here to book any of these trips.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know the Villareal trip quoted at £357 does include match ticket. the Flight is £299 and ticket is £58