Thursday, November 13

Readers' questions

Q. For those of us not lucky enough to be able to make it to Japan, who what TV coverage will there be and what times will kick off be in UK time? Earlydoors

A. The semi final - United's first game - on Thursday December 18 will kick off at 7.30pm local time, which is 10.30am here.

If they lose, they will play in the third-place play off three days later at 4.30pm local time, which is 7.30am our time.

If we make the final, on the same day as the play off, it will be at 7.30pm local time, which is again 10.30am here.It will be on TV, but we don't know where as yet.

Setanta showed the last one live and the BBC showed the last one in which United were involved in.

We've asked all the major broadcasters if they are showing it and will let you know when we do.
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