Wednesday, November 5

Bargain of the day - Villareal flights for £25

If you've not already booked flights for Villareal away on November 25, Ryanair's sale gives you the perfect chance to get there for less than the cost of a match ticket.

Fly Liverpool to Reus on Monday for £15 single, watch the game on Tuesday and then fly Girona to Manchester on Wednesday for £10 single.

There are downsides though:

Those prices don't take into account booking fees, which is £4 per flight unless you book with a Visa Electron

If you don't book it over the phone (0871 246 0000, 10p per minute), you'll have to buy them separately, and you can only book the return flight with a credit card (as you're paying in euros).

The prices don't include: insurance, priority boarding or baggage fees.

Click here for a full guide to getting to and from the Villareal game

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