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Celtic travel guide (pub guide coming tomorrow)

Celtic Park, Parkhead
Wednesday November 5, kick off 7,45pm


Live on Sky Sports 2, programme begins at 6pm

MUST is running a Chubb Club screening of the match at Walkabout on Quay Street in Manchester city centre for those who can't make it up to Glasgow.


Parkhead holds 60,857. United have been given an allocation of 3,000 tickets, about 500 of which went to customers of MU Travel.
All tickets are sold and applicants should have by now found out if they were successful through the usual channels.
Internet touts are selling away-end tickets for £230.10.

Train - £51.50

Journey time is typically three hours 40 minutes.

There are three important things to consider:
1. There's no realistic way of getting back by train until Thursday morning.
2. Don't leave before 10am on a weekday, as train-ticket prices are extortionate.
3. You can't go direct from Manchester to Glasgow (and back) so you have to change at Prestion.

If you buy tickets online in advance, you save £8.
A standard off-peak return from Piccadilly to Glasgow Central bought on the day of travel costs £60 for an adult.
But if you get a single from Manchester to Preston from National Rail or on the day for £5.50 or £6 (depending on which train) and buy a Preston to Glasgow Central return online through Virgin Trains for £40, you save money.

Leave Piccadilly at: 10:11 11:45 13:11 13:45 15:11
Arrive Preston at: 11:03 12:27 14:04 14:27 16:04
Wait for: 16 mins 17 mins 15 mins 17mins 15mins
Leave Preston at: 11:19 12:44 14.19 14:43 16:19
Arrive Glasgow at: 13:46 14:54 16:55 17:21 18:46
Journey time: 3:35 3:09 3.44 3.36 3.35

Leave Glasgow at: 10:10 11:10 12:10 12:49 14:10
Arrive Preston at: 12:31 13:46 14:28 14:59 16:27
Wait for: 10 mins 22 mins 10mins 9 mins 11 mins
Leave Preston at: 12:41 14:08 14:38 15:08 16:38
Arrive Piccadilly at: 13:35 14:57 15:20 15:57 17:20
Journey time: 3:25 3:47 3:10 3:08 3:10

As well as normal services, MU Travel is running a first-class train service from Preston train station, which leaves on Wednesday and returns Thursday.

It costs £417 excluding travel insurance and the price of a room at the Adobe Hotel in Glasgow is included.

On this map, Glasgow Central is the station just to the left of where it says 'A8'. Bridgeton station is the one just right of where it says 'London Road' and the stadium is to right of that on the edge of this map.
Once at Glasgow Central, there a few ways to get to the stadium:

It takes 47 minutes and it’s one straight path east on Argyle Street and then London Road.

It will cost about £5 and take 13 minutes. Near to kick off, you’re likely to hit traffic at Bridgeton station so get out there.


Get a train east to Dalmarnock. Services leave every 10 minutes, journey time is seven minutes and it costs £1.45 for a single. This station is nearest the away end.

All services to the stadium will have ‘via Celtic Park’ on the front. Services 43, 61, 62 and 64 will get you there for about £1.20 single.

Car - £47.16

If you're using a Satnav or a routeplanner, use the podcode G40 3RE.
The journey from Manchester is 213 miles, takes three hours and 30 minutes and costs £47.16 in petrol in total.
There is a lot of free on-street car parking available on London Road, about a five-minute walk to the ground and a lot of paid-for car parks within a five-minute walking distance, priced about £5.

Official coach - £49
MU Travel is taking nine coaches to the match, which return right after the game and were £49 per person with a guaranteed match ticket not included in the price.

All are sold out and everyone on them will have, by now, got letters explaining departure times and their itinerary.

Other coach - £23.50

National Express runs regular coaches through the day from Chorlton Street to Killermont Street in Glasgow.

The best thing about the National Express service is that you CAN leave for home on the night of the game, though you won’t be back until 3.45am. It will set you back £32.50 for a return ticket, but that’s pretty reasonable.

Leave Chorlton Street: 09:00 11:15 12:40
Arrive Glasgow: 13:55 15:30 18:00
Journey time 04:55 04:15 05:20

Leave Glasgow 23:00 23:30
Arrive Manchester 03:55 03:45
Journey time 04:55 04:15

Megabus runs three coaches a day between Chorlton Street and Glasgow Buchanan Street bus station.
Like the train, you won’t be able to get back on the night of the game.

Leave Chorlton Street: 04:58 12:40
Arrive Glasgow: 08:58 17:15
Journey time 04:00 4:35
Cost £9* £13.50*

Leave Glasgow: 08:30 11:00
Arrive Manchester: 12:55 15:45
Journey time: 04:25 04:45
Cost: £14.50*£25*
* add a 50p booking fee

After arriving at Buchanan Street, walk round the corner to Glasgow Central train station via St Vincent Street and left onto Hope Street) and follow the instructions above to get to the ground.

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Fly - £174.98

Before we start, there are no flights back to Manchester on the night of the game and even if you do decide to go for the 6.50am flight home, you’re still looking at £174.98 return from Manchester to Glasgow International.

Flight time each way is 70 minutes. Look here for options if you’re loaded.

Flying from Leeds Bradford is the same situation and costs £374 return at cheapest. Liverpool doesn’t fly direct, so that’s not an option.

At the time of writing, there is one place left on the MU Travel flight trip, priced at £199 excluding insurance. It isn’t clear if you get a guaranteed match ticket when you buy it.

There is also an ‘executive’ first-class flight with four places left at £322 excluding insurance.

Go here for details of both.

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