Tuesday, November 18

Readers' questions

Q. How do we get from Salou to Castellon on the day of the Villareal game and how do we make the return trip to Reus Airport in time for the 10.25 flight to Birmingham for 9am the next day? Chris

A. Salou has its own train station at the east of the town. It’s very easy to find, as Salou is quite small.
On the day of the game, you can get the following trains:

Leave Salou: 10:51 12:04 16:06 18:07
Arrive Castellon: 13:18 13:37 17:25 19:40
Journey time: 2:27 1:33 1:19 1:33

As a rule of thumb, the slower the train is, the cheaper the fare.
Search for more trains here

On the way back, you need to get to the airport at least an hour before the flight.

It would help you a lot if you check in online, print out your boarding passes and only have to go through security when you arrive.

You can only do so if you have one piece of hand luggage to take on the plane with you and nothing to put in the hold.

On Wednesday morning, get the train from Castellon to Tarragona.

Catch either:
the 06:06 train that will get you in at 07:53 or
the 07:17 train that will get you in at 08:34.

Miss those and you’re screwed.

From there, get the 08:00 or 08:39 train from Tarragona to Reus train station. It’s a 14-minute journey and then you can get a taxi to the airport, which takes about half an hour depending on traffic.

So that should get you to the airport by 9.10am at the latest, but I’d go for the early option just to be safe.

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