Wednesday, November 19

And what have we got for Villareal?

So, the forecast is in and it's good news for those travelling early and not so good news for those getting straight in and out.

It's not going to rain, but the really warm weather will die off after this weekend, so it'll be chilly on the evening of the game...though a damn sight warmer than Villa on Saturday teatime.

Saturday November 22
Sunny to partly cloudy and windy.
High: 21°C
Low: 8°C

Sunday November 23
Breezy and cooler with brilliant sunshine.
High: 12°C
Low: 3°C

Monday November 24
A full day of sunshine.
High: 12°C
Low: 3°C

Tuesday November 25
Sunshine. Clearly or slightly cloudy in the evening.
High: 13°C
Low: 4°C

Wednesday November 26
Sunshine and patchy clouds
High: 17°C
Low: 5°C

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