Monday, November 3

Readers' questions - Celtic

Q. We're going to be in Glasgow on the night of the Celtic game but can't get home after the match. Any advice on where to stay?

A. Here are options for three budgets.

Cheap as chips - £10 pp pn
The Bluesky Hostel (pictured) at 65 Berkeley Street, Charing Cross, Glasgow has beds available in a 10-bed dorm for £10 pp pn. Beware though, the dorms are called Trainspotting, though standards are pretty high there.

Or there's the Bunkum Hostel at 26 Hillhead St., Glasgow, which has beds available in a six-bed dorm for £12.50pp pn. The chances of each dorm being full are slim as it's not the tourist season.

Book both these hotels using Hostel Bookers DON'T book hostels via expedia, as they will add £79 on top in some cases. Arf!

Middle budget - £34.50 pp pn

Most Premier Travel Inn rooms are sold out. You won't get a room there for under £90 pr pn. Ibis and Travelodge have completely sold out.
The three-star Ewington City Hotel (pictured), at 132 Queens Drive might be three miles out of town to the south (a fiver in a taxi), but it's right next to the Scottish Football Museum and double rooms are £68.99 pr pn (so £34.50 each) and that includes breakfast. Book via expedia.

Champagne Charlie - £56.25pp pn

If you want a bit o' class, try the five-star Glasgow Hilton (pictured) at 1 William Street.

A two-person room costs £205 a night. Breakfast isn't included. It sounds a lot, but you can pay £10 extra per person to have an extra person staying.

So, in theory at least, you could have four people staying in it for £56.25pp pn.

Best to check exactly how this works by giving the expedia a call on 0871 226 7762. Again, book this via the expedia website.

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