Thursday, November 13

Bargain of the day - fly to West Ham for £66

Alright, I know, the trip to Upton Park isn't until February 7 and there's trips to Villareal, Stoke, Bolton, City, West Brom and Bolton to come before then.

But for London away games, doesn't it annoy you being stuck on a train all morning, paying £65 for the privilege, only to have to do the repeat journey home?

These flights are on bmi, leaving Manchester on the day of the match at either 08:50 or 10:50 and returning at 20:50.

Or you can mix and match: You could get the Megabus down in the morning for £8 and fly back for £33 one way.

The flight to Heathrow takes an hour.

It's true that, once you get there you've still got to get onto the tube and travel for 45 minutes or so east to the ground, but you have to that no matter what route you take.

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Anonymous said...

But won't the game get skyjacked?!