Friday, November 7

Rail firm assures fans

Reds needing to get back to Valencia or Castellon by train after the November 25 clash with Villareal will have no problem getting back, Spanish rail authorities have said.

When United last played there, police laid on extra services to ensure supporters got back to their hotels after the game.

On November 25, the match is due to finish at 10.30pm local time.

According to Jose Antonia Gonzalez, press spokesman for Spanish train provider Renfe, fans can get the 23.28 arriving at 23.37.

He said those needing to go south to Valencia, won't make the last direct service, which leaves at 22.36, so instead, they should first go north to Castellon and then get the train south to Valencia at 23.59.

If there are delays which mean fans can't make the 23.59 train, both Renfe and Spanish police will do all they can to ensure everyone gets to Valencia on an alternative service.

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