Monday, January 18

European Travel Club deadline looming

To get tickets for AC Milan v United in the UEFA Champions League, you must be a member of the club's European Travel Club - and the deadline for registering is tomorrow.

If you're already registered, you needn't do anything, but if you're not, you've got until 20:00 on January 19.
Details of the travel club are

United have got 4,500 tickets.

Executive members, season ticket holders and One United Members can apply from 08:00 on January 22 for four days.

Ticket prices are yet to be confirmed, but we expect them to cost in the region of £45 for adults, with 800 or so VIP tickets costing in the region of £80.

The tickets are expected to be in the very top tier of the Curva Nord, shown as blocks 343 to 360 here.

You can apply for tickets
online or by calling United on 0161 868 8000.

If you apply, you can find out on January 27 if you have them.

If you get a ticket, you must complete an online travel report form, available via by February 5.

The San Siro holds 80,018 people.

If you have any questions about flights, accommodation or your trip to Milan, email us at

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