Wednesday, January 27

Aston Villa ballot results expected today

Executive members and season ticket holders who applied for tickets to see United at Villa can find out of they have got tickets today.

United have got approximately 2,315 tickets priced at £43 for adults, £30 for over 65s and £24 for under 16s.

On January 6, we predicted United would get 2,347 tickets for this game and got the prices spot on.

Last season, reds paid £35 for adults and £21 for over 65s and under 16s and the allocation was 2,800.

Liverpool got the same number last season and had it reduced by about 500 this season due, Aston Villa said "to persistent standing" in the Liverpool end.

We have not been able to confirm that that is the reason for United's allocation reduction.


Anonymous said...

Reduced allocation probably just because its united.
same as spurs they reduce ours but other teams supporters stand up and nothing happens

vitty100 said...

...except Liverpool had exactly the same allocation for the exact same reason.