Saturday, January 30

Arsenal pub guide

Due to the location of Arsenal's relatively new ground, there aren't many boozers nearby - and the vast majority of the ones that are open for business tend to be for home fans only.
But there are a few exceptions we would recommend.

It's important to get there early though, as all three of these pubs get very busy around noon.

A firm favourite among reds making their way to the Emirates in recent season is The Drayton Arms at 153 Old Brompton Road.

It's right near Drayton Park train station and as close to the stadium as you're going to get.

A listed 19th-century building, it's quite upmarket and not very suited to a football crowd, but it's not a bad meeting place in our view.

The best thing about the Drayton (pictured above) is the breakfast. For a fiver you'll get the house special 'hangover buster' breakfast. It might sound pricey, but it's worth it. They should be serving food from 10am throughout the day.

It's great for real ales and offers about 30 beers.

It also has a terrace so you don't need to freeze your arse off at the door if you smoke. More information here.

But if you're looking for somewhere a little bit less crowded, or if you're arriving via Finsbury Park Train Station, we have two other recommendations.

The first is The Twelve Pins Irish bar at 263 Seven Sisters Road.

It's a 10-minute walk from the ground and welcomes both home and away supporters. Singing would probably be frowned upon.

The best thing about the Twelve Pins (pictured above) it is that it's pretty big, so you'll get a good place to watch the Manchester City v Portsmouth 13:30 kick off on the two big screens.

This is more of a traditional cockney pub rather than a self-proclaimed sophisticated joint like the Drayton Arms.

It serves a fantastic Guinness and has a food menu on offer throughout the day. Details here.

Alternatively, cross the road (to the junction of Blackstock Road and you'll find The Blackstock, which looks a bit dodge from the outside, but is actually pretty welcoming.

Again, it's mixed home/away fans and will be showing the City game. It opens at 10am.

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