Wednesday, January 13

AC Milan ticket prices confirmed

United have confirmed that reds will get 4,500 tickets for the away end at the San Siro, mostly priced at e22 each.

According to AC Milan's pricing structure for that game, that means that United supporters will be based in the top tier of the Curva Nord.

About 80 tickets will be in the main stand on the halfway line and will cost e175.

Ticket timetable
20:00 on Tuesday - applicants must have registered for United's European Travel Club by now
08:00 on January 22 - applications open
08:00 on January 26 - applications close
09:00 on January 27 - ballot results out
20:00 on February 5 - all successful applications must have submitted a travel report to United by now
20:00 on February 5: - any unwanted tickets must have been returned to the ticket office by now
February 8 - tickets sent out

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Si said...

If traveling with the co-op travel package, any ideas as to what price range of ticket you will recieve? cheers