Friday, August 28

United introduce Euro away membership scheme

A Manchester United European Travel Club has been set up - and anyone who wants to apply to future Euro aways must be a member.

United made the announcement earlier today, saying it was aiming to provide a safer and more responsible environment for genuine Manchester United supporters who wish to follow the team across Europe.

However, some of the terms and conditions have provoked a strong reaction from seasoned travellers.

To join, members must not have certain criminal convictions.

And, if they are to avoid having their memberships revoked, supporters must obey strict rules - and even dress appropriately.

Condition 6 says: "A member shall not wear clothing that the club considers to be inappropriate when attending or travelling to/from a foreign match."

We have written to United asking them to clarify what 'inappropriate' clothing is.

Fans have also expressed concerns that membership won't, in future, be free.

United have admitted they have introduced the scheme to "mirror [the England international team] system.

Currently the englandfans system costs £95 to join (£70 if you do it online) as a 'premium member' and £90 to renew each year (£65 online).

It costs £70 to become a normal member (£50 online) and £65 to renew each year (£45 online).

Reacting to today's announcement on Red Issue, E34 said: "Clothes police? What next, a dress code that says you can only get into games wearing official club merchandise?"

Serbianwarcriminal said: "In short, Uncle Malc is trying to pass off a need for even more cash from the fans as being 'safety' motivated!"

Only executive members, season ticket holders and One United members can apply.

United announcement
Full terms and conditions
What convictions ban people from becoming members are

If you have any questions about the scheme, email and we will relay questions to United.

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Oli said...

Has it appeared on anyone else's booking history yet? Mine has not...