Friday, March 5

Wolves pub guide

Fans wishing to enjoy a pre-match pint before tomorrow's trip to Wolves will have to be very savvy when arriving at the Black Country's finest boozers or go thirsty.

Wolverhampton is renowned as the hardest place for visiting supporters to grab a beer before the game - a disappointment to those wishing to take advantage of a 17:30 kick off with some pre-match fun.

Many pubs, including the JD Wetherspoons bar The Moon Under The Water, in Lichfield Street, have bouncers on the door who will only let you in with home-end tickets.

The strict approach is down partly to the fact that the stadium is so close to the city centre (a five-minute walk from most pubs) and the fact that Wolves fans haven't exactly been shy with their fists down the years.

So it's time to think outside the box.

From the main train station, don't head straight into town. Instead, turn right and then take the first right and follow Corn Hill down for a few minutes until you reach The Great Western (pictured above).

Providing you don't wear colours or try to get in more than group of four, you should be fine to enjoy the pub's real ale and grub.

If you are going to give the centre a go though, try somewhere big.

Like The Cuban Exchange on Exhange Street, for example. It's pretty modern and relaxed and spacious.

It's best to avoid The Wanderer (opposite the stadium), Goose In The City and Yates as they tend to attract Wolves hoolie element.

Instead, try The Royal London on Wolfruna Street or The Varsity opposite.

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