Tuesday, March 9

Bolton home end tickets on sale now

Home end tickets for Bolton Wanderers against United on Saturday March 27 are now on sale.

Tickets will be sold to those with a purchase history of buying tickets from Bolton.

It is a category A game, so adult tickets cost from £32 to £37.

The away fans will be in the South Stand.

You can buy tickets from 09:00 by calling 0844 971 2932 or in person at the Reebok Stadium.

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Anonymous said...

Despite having a previous booking history, they haven't left me buy tickets. Looks like it'll be a tout unless, an, err, Red Knight manages to get me two spares. Any rough estimation of how much they'll be charging to get into the away end outside the ground? Was in the home end last year too but looks like that won't happen this season.