Saturday, March 13

Bayern Munich ticket details revealed

United have revealed application details for United's trio to Munich in the UEFA Champions League quarter final away leg on Tuesday March 30.

Unitedhave got 3,048 tickets costing £46.50. About 800 of those will be priced at £91.50.

Executive members, season ticket holders and One United members who are members of the club's travel club from 08:00 tomorrow until 08:00 on Monday.

They can then apply online or on 0161 868 8000.

The ticket office will announced ballot results on Monday afternoon.

People with tickets must send United a travel report by 08:00 next Friday detailing how they plan to get to and from the game

All tickets will be posted out by special delivery.


Anonymous said...

Got a spare pair for Munich away. Not a tout, geniune red. Want face value only.
email if interested-


Anonymous said...

I also have a spare, face value, email

Garreth said...

Just a little reminder about the FSF's guide to Munich, for anyone who's heading out to Germany soon. Full of useful tips and information about getting around, where to eat and drink and all that sort of malarky.

Any questions, just fling 'em to the email address on the front page of the guide and we'll sort out whatever you need.


Haakon said...

The ticket office made a couple of extra tickets available today, so-called "VIP" ticket. I bought one of them. My ticket is on block 233 and says Manchester United and all, but as far as I know the United end is 341-347 and 244-246.

Is this a prawn sandwich zone? Or do any of you gius know anything in regards to this?

Haakon said...

And I just got my answer:

"I looked at this plan of the stadium and the block you refer to is pretty much always where the VIP tickets are for European away games.

It's always in a right-of-centre part of the main stand. You'll be in a block of about 80 reds sat among the posher home fans.

I'd be very surprised if you were able to stand during the game or sing. But, for what it's worth, the reds in that end don't tend to be posh, they are just the ones unlucky enough to have ended up there."

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if they serve (real) beer on a Champions league night? I want to be sure before I splash out on one of these 'stadium cards' they have instead of cash at the Arena.
Looks like a top venue otherwise. Can't wait.