Friday, March 19

Champions League draw - opponents guide

Bayern Munich

Many reds will have fond memories of United's last tip to south east Germany, when United competed in the four-team Audi Cup tournament last July.

Those who went speak of a carnival-like atmosphere with Bayern, Milan and even Boca Juniors fans joining in a celebration of booze and barbecues with reds over for some pre-season fun.

They got a chance to see the new (ish) Allianz Arena in full swing.

The capacity is 69,901 providing UEFA allow standing and United would get about 4,000 tickets - possibly more.

The city is well worth a visit. The centre has some excellent bars and some worthwhile tourist spots like the town hall and two of the world's most grand churches closeby.

And, of course, there is the second spiritual home of every red - the Munich Memorial - a great chance to pay your respects to the Busby Babes.

There are quite a few ways to reach Munich.

Here are the ones we have found. All prices are based on flying out on Monday March 29 and returning on Thursday April 1.

Manchester - Lufthansa, bmi, Sindapore Airlines, easyJet - £96
Gatwick - easyJet - £77
Stansted - easyJet, Air Berlin - £80
Heathrow - Lufthansa, bmi, British Airways - £140

Stansted - Ryanair - £86

Then a 100-minute train costing £34 return

Stansted - germanwings, TUlfly, Air Berlin - £118
Heathrow - British Airways, bmi, Lufthansa - £160

Then a 2.20 train costing £34 return

Stansted - Ryanair - £35
Edinburgh - Ryanair - £71

Then a 3.30 train costing £52 return

Leeds - Jet2 - £120
Stansted - Ryanair - £76
Birmingham - Ryanair - £80

Then a five-hour train costing £55 return

Gatwick - easyJet - £102
Luton - easyJet - £109

Then a five-hour train costing £60 return

Gatwick - eayJet £66
Stansted - germanwinges, TUlfly - £106

Then a 5.40 train costing £55 return

Luton - easyJet - £66

Then a 6.40 train costing £55 return

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