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Munich ticket, travel and pub guide

Bayern Munich
UEFA Champions League quarter final first leg
Tuesday March 30, 2010, kick off 19:30 UK time and 20:30 German time
Allianz Arena, Munich

United have got 3,048 tickets costing £46.50. About 800 of those will be priced at £91.50.

All tickets have been sold and have been sent out by special delivery.

All tickets in the home end are also sold out, making the match a 66,000 sell out.

According to the BBC forecast, those making the trip are in for a treat.

It's not quite t-shirt weather in the Bavarian capital, but it's not far off.
Those arriving on Monday will be welcomed by light rain broken by sunshine and temperatures of up to 13C/55F.

Match day itself will bring sunny internals and temperatures of up to 17C/63F, though it will probably drop down to 5C/41F for the match.

It will be a much colder 8C/46F as most reds make their way home on Wednesday in light rain.

Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 2 HD will show the match live, with the show starting at 19:00 and ending at 21:45.

From Munich Airport to town
The airport is 17 miles north east of the city centre. You can take the train or the bus into town or hire a car from the airport or get a taxi.

By train, follow the airport signs to Munich Airport Station, which is in a tunnel beneath the central section of the airport, similar to the layout at London Stansted.

Take line S1 or S8 on the Suburban Railway service. It takes 45 minutes to reach the central Munich Train Station, called Hauptbahnhof and trains leave roughly every 10 minutes at peak hours and every 30 minutes off peak. It costs e8 one way.

Lufthansa provides an airport bus shuttle to town, but it costs e8 one way and takes longer than the train. It's not worth it.

By taxi, it will take you about 40 minutes and cost you about e55.

Of course, there's plenty to do away from the stadium.

If you've not sorted a room out yet, we have options for all budgets in our guide which can be found here.

Things to do in town
First, get to grips with the Metro. It's as easy to navigate as any other city. Here is a map.

The restaurants are fantastic if a little pricey (a pint of lager will set you back about e.3.75, by the way) and there's plenty in the way or architecture, with many gems on show, like the New Town Hall and The Peterskirche church - both close to the central Marienplatz square.

There two Irish pubs mainly which will be the meeting point of reds.

The main one is Killains at Frauenpltz 11 (pictured), just off the central Marianplatz (it can be a bit tricky to find through a maze of backstreets though).

And the other one is The Shamrock at Trautenwolfstrsse 6 – but we recommend Killains.
What other sites are there to see?

The Munich Memorial
It's in the quiet district of Trudering at the spot that marks where the plane came down on February 6, 1958.

From the central Munich Train Station, called Hauptbahnhof, take the red U7 service 11 stops east towards Messestadt-Ost and get off at Trudering.

Walk up the steps and, with the parkland on your right, walk about 500 yards straight and follow the road round to the right.

Walk for another few minutes and you should see a football pitch/park on your right and a pub on your left.

Turn left past the pub and you'll see the memorial right in front of you. There's also a shop and florists opposite the pub.

Getting to the ground
From Hauptbahnhof, take the U4 line two stops east toward s Arabellapark and get off at Odeonsplatz.

Then take the U6 line 10 stops north towards Garching-Forschungszentrum and get off at Frottmaning.

From there, follow the crowd. You can see the stadium when you leave the station. It's a 10-minute walk to the turnstiles.

Other useful information

Read the Foreign Office's travel advice for Munich here.
Read the Munich Tourist Association's webpages here.


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Do you know what tier we are in tomorrow night? I know mine are highest tier (block 340) but in some games the away fans also get lots of tier 2.

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