Monday, March 1

Ticket office now taking Bolton applications

Executive members and season ticket holders can now apply to get tickets for the Bolton Wanderers to be played on Saturday March 27, kick off 17:30.

United have got 2,800 tickets in the South Stand lower tier.

They cost the same as they did last season £27 for adults, £21 for over 65s and £13 for under 16s.

When Liverpool played at the Reebok Stadium in August, they got 4,635 tickets.

People can apply until 08:00 on Friday.

Apply by calling United's ticket office on 0161 868 8000 or online.

You can find out if you've got tickets on March 12.


Anonymous said...

why have United got less than Liverpool?

Anonymous said...

because manchester united fans cant behave

Anonymous said...

and Liverpool fans can?...

vitty100 said...

It's due to British Transport Police's request.

They can't handle a queue beyond a certain size at Horwich Parkway station.