Thursday, March 4

United in the news

Gill gives Red Knight Keith Harris order of boot (Chris Wheeler, Daily Mail)

Gill (pictured left) hit back at the Red Knights plotting to take over Old Trafford, dismissing their plans as unworkable and launching a personal attack on the group's figurehead, Keith Harris.

Gill doubts viability of Red Knights’ takeover plans (James Ducker, The Times)

“Keith Harris will go anywhere that there’s a bit of publicity around. That’s his modus operandi, but his track record in football isn’t anything to write home about."

United owners set to cut Goldman ties (Roger Blitz and Anousha Sakoui, Financial Times)

The Glazer family, owners of Manchester United, are considering ending their relationship with Goldman Sachs because of the role of Jim O’Neill, the bank’s chief economist, in efforts to take the club off their hands.

Red Knights attract foreign interest in Manchester United bid (Richard Watchman, The Guardian)

Wealthy foreign investors have approached the Red Knights group of City financiers and businessmen looking to wrest control of Manchester United from the Glazer family.

Corry Evans makes Northern Ireland debut in muddy defeat by Albania (Martin Pengelly, The Guardian)

The midfielder Corry Evans, the 19-year-old brother and clubmate of the Manchester United defender Jonny Evans, who pulled out of the game with a knee problem, made his debut as a substitute.

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