Monday, November 9

United in the news

Sir Alex Ferguson has the Blues: Manchester United boss vents his fury over Chelsea winner (Matt Barlow, Daily Mail)

Sir Alex Ferguson turned his fury on the referee again on Sunday night as Manchester United slipped five points behind Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League title race. More.

Man United suffer ref justice (Steven Howard, The Sun)

MANCHESTER UNITED fittingly chose this year's Remembrance Sunday to remind the world what they stand for.
A club of immense tradition, true footballing heavyweights who, unlike Nikolay Valuev, continue to punch their weight.

Chelsea's belated revenge leaves Manchester United nursing grievances (Daniel Taylor, The Guardian)

At Anfield, Ferguson did not see enough leadership, enough players who would puff out their chests and demand possession of the ball. This, he undoubtedly got today. More.

Grounds for appeal against the name game that torments supporters (Patrick Barclay, The Times)

Stadium naming rights are not something we should always froth about. It should, however, be the concern of Chelsea’s supporters, just as it would be a matter for Manchester United supporters if the Glazers decided to rename Old Trafford the AIG Arena or something even more dubious. More.

Fergie tells players to Curb excesses (The Times of India)

Sir Alex Ferguson has ordered his Manchester United stars to curb their "lifestyle excesses" as part of a crackdown at the club. More.

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