Monday, November 16

Fans' group wants your flag votes

Supporters' group Stretford End Flags is appealing to all its backers to vote for a new banner set to grace Old Trafford. Add Video

United fans from across the world have rolled up their sleeves to create a wide range of flags, with the winner due to be placed at the Stretford End in mid-December.

SEF helpers have shortlisted three designs and want members and those who have given donations to the group to vote on the best one via the SEF forum here.

Here they are.

A SEF spokesman said: "This new banner is likely to replace the existing FEAR banner and will possibly be taken from the Edge of The Flowers banner to the edge of the Scoreboard.

"As a result, the banner is likely to cost in the region of £650 to make, so all donations are gratefully received.

"You can donate by sending a paypal donation to"

Voting ends at 20:00 on Sunday and SEF will then announce the winning design.

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