Wednesday, November 18

Check for West Ham tickets now

Red who applied for tickets to see United play at West Ham on Saturday, December 5, are advised to check if they have got them.

The club said they will publish ballot results on Friday, but they are usually released two days before that.

United have got 2,900 tickets priced at £45 for adults, £25.50 for over 65s and £22.50 for under 16s.

Home end tickets are on general sale. Details

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Anonymous said...

Please stop these 'check now' posts when the ballot results are NOT out. The day tyhe ballot takes place depends on what else is going on in the ticket office, recently results have been available mid afternoon the day before the results are supposed to be out.

vitty100 said...

This season, ballot results for every game have been made available two days before the announced results date on at least some applicants' records.

Providing them with guidance on when to check allows them time to make travel arrangements and, therefore, to get the best prices on this like train tickets.

It is up to the individual reader whether they do check and, even if they do, it involves visiting a website or calling an automated phone line.

Therefore, it does not require 'manpower' effort from the ticket office staff.

Other than that, I fail to see the nature of your concern and this is the first time anyone has raised such a concern.

However, I might be missing something, so, if you would like to elaborate, email and I will take onboard whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

All I mean is that people see a post that says 'check now' and then when they look at online booking history they think they might have been chubbed when actually the ballot has not been done yet - as with West Ham yesterday. It might be worth you having a headline that does not imply the ballot has already been done and worries people. For example, see the two comments on your 'check now for Chelsea tickets' post. Not trying to knock you mate, I love the site, just a light tweak to not mislead people.

vitty100 said...

...and the positive feedback is welcome.

Perhaps in future I'll stick to a 'ballot results expected in next few days' type of headline and put in a caviat to say something like '...but if your results aren't showing, don't panic...try again in a couple of days'.