Thursday, November 26

Portsmouth pub guide

In truth, a 15:00 kick off probably won't give you much time to enjoy a pre-match pint, but for those of you that are looking for a tipple, here a few suggestions.

The pub that will get most packed out with reds is The Shepherd’s Crook, at 107 Goldsmith Avenue. It's
a five-minute walk to the ground.

It's got one fairly large main room with standing room only and the bar staff serve pretty quickly.

It opens at 11:30am and will probably pack out by about 13:30, so expect to be out in the cold in the front 'beer garden' if you arrive after that.

Carling and Carlsberg costs £2.80 a pint, Stella is £3.20 and Guinness is £3.10.

If you fancy somewhere a bit quieter, venture a little further from the ground to the Brewers Arms, at 170 Milton Road.

It's a small, welcoming pub, with sandwiches for sale behind the bar

You can choose from Stella, Kronenberg, Guinnness. Carlsberg and Fosters. It also offers London Pride and bottled Becks and Peroni.

Also near the ground is Good Companion, at 2 Eastern Road, which attracts both home and away fans in two large rooms.

There's a big screen TV for anyone who wants to catch the early kick off between Northwich Victoria and Lincoln City on ITV1.

You'll get serve pretty quickly at the bar and on offer is Carling, Fosters, Stella and Becks £2.80 as well as Guinness and IPA, all under £3.

They also do a wide-ranging menu, with meals priced at about £6. It opens at 11:00.
The Connaught Arms at 119 Guildford Road is also worth a shout.

Avoid the Newcombe Arms, as it's a partisan home-fan pubs.

You will find cash machines by the Tesco on Goldsmith Avenue near the Shepherd's Crook and a Nationwide Building Society one at the Total garage on Milton Road, just down from the Brewers Arms.

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