Wednesday, November 25

Fans choose new design for OT banner

The votes are in and the results are out. This will be the new banner that will adorn the Stretford End from mid-December onwards.

The design got the most votes when supporters' group Stretford End Flags
asked people who had donated to the group to choose which was the best out of three banners created by reds from all over the world.

A SEF spokesman said: "The banner received 58 per cent of the vote.

"It will now be mad and will be positioned on the front of the Stretford End.

"The line up of banner son the Stretford End will now be: City Ticker, One Love - Stretford End, The Flowers of Manchester, MANCHESTER IS MY HEAVEN and Lest Us Forget.

"All of the banners will be predominantly black, with only the one Love banner having half red.

"We will now consult members over the background colour of the new banner."

"We will try and obtain mock ups for a red, white and black background."

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