Monday, November 9

Apply for West Ham tickets now

Executive members and season ticket holders can now apply for tickets to see the Champions play at West Ham on Saturday, December 5.

They can do it
online or by calling the ticket office on 0161 868 800 by 08:00 on Friday.

The club have said they will publish ballot results on November 20, but they will probably be released two days before that.

At the moment, West Ham have not issues details of allocation or ticket price.

The ground holds 35,647 and, last year, United got 2,900 tickets priced at £45 adults and at £22.50 for under 16s and over 65s.

When Liverpool played them on September 19, Liverpool got 2,912 tickets and paid the same prices as United did last season. Details

Home end tickets are currently on general sale. Details here.

A travel and pub guide will appear here in the next few days.

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