Wednesday, November 11

Chelsea blame ticketless fans for congestion

Chelsea officials have blamed fans who arrived at Stamford Bridge without tickets for Sunday's heavy congestion before kick off.

There were reports from United fans that turnstile problems had lead to heavy queues at the entrance for both tiers of the Shed End, and that had caused frustrated fans to push forward, creating severe overcrowding.

The matter was reported in yesterday's Sun. Read the article here.

Some supporters put the problem down to a lack of Chelsea stewards on hand to help, while others said a broken turnstile was to blame.

But speaking to, a Chelsea spokesman said: "I can confirm that there were some delays and congestion at Sunday's game, but they were a direct result of a significant number of visiting supporters attempting to force entry to the stadium without valid tickets.

"We were not prepared to sacrifice the integrity of our ticket checks for speed of entry, as to do so would have jeopardised the safety of others in that section, and run the risk of overcrowding in the stadium.

"Around 50 visiting supporters without valid tickets were ejected from the queue to enter the ground."

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