Tuesday, February 9

United 'not interested in conspiracy theories'

United have briefly answered four questions Reds Away put to them concerning fans taking banners to Milan. See here for the background information.

Q. Why has United never issued statements to remind fans of other clubs' regulations on banners previously?
A. Other clubs have never given us such advice and we haven’t sought it.

Q. Why was the advice given eight days before the match? Could it not have been posted in mid December after the draw to give fans as much notice as possible?

A. Milan told us last week, so we publicised it. We put it on the website when we were told of the regulations and forwarded it to Stretford End Flags at the same time.

Q. In reference to banners only being allowed in if they are in the club's colours, do you accept that green and yellow are club colours (as well as red, white and black) as they were the colours of Newton Heath?

A. None.

Q. Can the club understand how some supporters have interpreted the posting as a confrontation to people wishing to take anti-Glazer banners/green and gold banners to the Milan match?

A. I have no interest in conspiracy theories.

A Stretford End Flags spokesman said: "We had contact form both United and AC Milan last week stating about authorisation for any flags and banners people wish to take in.

"United referred us back to AC Milan as they didn't have the full details on how to gain authorisation.

"It's been on the SEF website for about a week now. The official United site have delayed putting it up.

"This is an Italian directive and has been in place for two seasons now.

"Quite a few people on the SEF forum had their flags taken last season at Inter, one as a result of it being a skull and crossbones.

" Most Euro aways now check flags before being taken in, with interpreters reading what it says on each flag.

"The guidelines from Italy are quite detailed, mainly about poles, size of flags etc.

"AC Milan might also refuse a St Georges cross as they associate it with Inter."

Reds Away has sought clarification on the regulations from AC Milan - specifically whether green and gold banners or anti-Glazer banners will be allowed and how supporters who have their flags confiscated can get them back.

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