Tuesday, February 23

'Travel via London', say match organisers

Wembley officials are urging United fans NOT to travel via certain routes via train on Sunday.

As many as 8,000 reds are expected to travel between Manchester to Wembley on the railway and match organisers are keen to ensure fans do not get stranded on the way or on the way home.

They are concerned that fans who get off Virgin West Coast Mainline services to Watford or Milton Keynes might not be able to board onward journeys.

This is because the next trains they would catch from Watford, Milton Keynes and Harrow and Wealdstone come from Birmingham and will most probably be full of Aston Villa supporters - and the problem could be even worse on the way home.

A Wembley spokesman said: "United fans are encouraged to travel to London Euston on the available train services.

“Do not use Watford Junction Station or Harrow & Wealdstone Station for your forward or return journey.

“It is very likely trains to and from those stations will be extremely full, especially after the game has finished. You will have more chance of getting on a train at London Euston.”

here for Wembley's official travel advice.

On the way to the game, supporters are advised to catch one of seven direct trains from Piccadilly to Euston and then take the Tube to the stadium.

The full journey will take three hours and it will cost you £72.50 overall.

For full train travel options, including prices, times, fares and walking directions from the stations, see our Wembley travel guide here.

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