Monday, February 22

Champions League final ballot announcement expected

UEFA are expected to announce the procedure for this year's Champions League Final public ballot within the next few days.

People will be able to visit and fill out an online application for tickets to see the match, which will take place in Madrid on May 22.

There are 10,000 tickets available and UEFA will distribute them at random, with each 'winner' getting one or two tickets each.

For last season's Rome final, public ballot tickets cost either e200 or e90 plus a e33 administration fee.

Payment is taken only from credit cards. Last year, applicants were informed by March 31 by email if they had got tickets and tickets were sent out by April 27.

In 2006 and 2007, the ballot ran from the start to mid-February, but it got underway later after 2008.

In 2008, people could apply from February 28 to March 29.

Last year, the application period ran from March 2 to March 16.

We will bring you news of the application period when UEFA announce it.

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