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Wembley (Chelsea) travel and pub guide

FA Community Shied
Wembley Stadium, London
Sunday August 9, kick off 15:00

NOTE: The tie must be decided on the day, but there's extra time – it would go straight to penalties, so the latest fans will leave the ground is roughly 17:15.


Out of a capacity of 90,000, United have got 26,247 tickets priced at £40, £30, £20 and £15 for adults and £5 less than those prices for under 16s and over 65s.

All tickets have been sold. Every executive member and season ticker holder who applied got a ticket. One United Members were also given a chance to apply.

Chelsea have also sold out their end.

Internet 'agents' World Ticket Shop, and other touts, are selling United end tickets for £119 each.


The match will be shown live on Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 2HD, with the show starting at 14:45 and is due to finish at 17:30, penalties pending.

Warmish, but rainy. A high of 21C and a low of 15C. There's a 60-per-cent chance of rain during the match.

For live travel information on event days and in the lead up to events call the Wembley Stadium Travel Information Line on 0845 6000 555.

Car - £60

Sat navvies should use the postcode HA9 0WS for Wembley Stadium.

The journey takes three-and-a-half hours and costs about £30 each way petrol (add on £4 if you plan on taking the M6 Toll road).

The basic route is: M6, M42, M1, North Circular Road, Brent and Wembley.

Parking - free
When it comes to parking there's four real options:

First, if you have money to burn, the Wembley Stadium car park has secure parking for £26.50 a car. Blue badge holders can book places for £16.50 a vehicle. Book both of these here. he car park opens at 13:00.

Second, if you want something cheaper but need to park near the stadium, you will find quite a few car parks on industrial premises charging about £10 per car.

Third, a good park-and-ride compromise is parking at a Tube stop and finishing your journey by Tube.

You can pay £1 to park all day at Ickenham Tube Stop car park, which has 176 spaces, then take the Metropolitan Line nine stops east to Wembley Park. Buy a one-day six-zone Travel Card for £7.50, as two singles will cost £8.

You can book places in loads of different tube stops here.

Fourth. If you've got the time, you can easily find a free parking spot within five minutes' walk of Ickenham Tube Stop. You can then take the Metropolitan Line nine stops east to Wembley Park. Buy a one-day six-zone Travel Card for £7.50, as two singles will cost £8.

Train - £60
From Manchester Piccadilly there are three ways of getting there by train – via Euston, via Milton Keynes and via Watford Junction.

If you book now via National Rail, you can travel for £30 each way if you use Option 2 on the way there and Option 5 on the way back. Booking on the day would cost £65.

Manchester to Wembley Stadium

Option 1 – journey time 2:55
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 08:20
Arrive Watford Junction: 10:41
Leave: 10.51
Arrive Wembley Central: 11:15

Option 2 – journey time 3:34
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 08:27
Arrive Crewe: 09:01
Leave: 09:13
Arrive Watford Junction: 11:20
Leave: 11:52
Arrive Wembley Central: 12:01

Option 3 – journey time 3:30
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 08:45
Arrive Crewe: 09:26
Leave: 09:43
Arrive Watford Junction: 11:42
As option 2

Option 4 – journey time 3:11
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 09:20
Arrive Milton Keynes Central: 11:15
Leave: 11:25
Arrive Harrow and Wealdstone: 12:13
Leave: 12:22
Arrive Wembley Central: 12:31

Option 5 – journey time 2:45
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 10:20
Arrive Watford Junction: 12:35
Leave: 12:52
Arrive Wembley Central: 13:02

Option 6 – journey time 2:52
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 10:35
Arrive Milton Keynes Central: 12:20
Leave: 12:41
Arrive North Wembley: 13:27

Option 6 – journey time 2:47
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 11:15
Arrive Milton Keynes Central: 12:50
Leave: 13:11
Arrive Wembley Central: 14:02

Option 7 – journey time 3:05
Leave Manchester Piccadilly: 11:35
Arrive London Euston: 13:49
Leave: 14:17
Arrive North Wembley: 13:40

To the stadium from North Wembley station

Follow the pedestrian route under Empire Way and over Olympic Way to the front of the stadium. It takes 10 minutes

To the stadium from Wembley Central station

Turn right and walk along High Road past McDonalds and Burger King to the Wembley Triangle Junction and Clock Tower Island.

Turn Left into Wembley Hill Road, cross the road and follow the pedestrian route across the White Horse Bridge. It takes 15 minutes.

You can also reach Wembley from London Euston and Harrow and Wealdstone via the Tube.
The price is included in your train ticket and your train ticket will work on the Tube turnstiles.

Wembley Stadium to Manchester

Option 1 – journey time 2:56
Leave North Wembley: 17:13
Arrive London Euston: 17:40
Leave: 17:55
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 20:09

Option 2 – journey time 2:45
Leave Wembley Central: 17:45
Arrive Milton Keynes Central: 18:33
Leave: 18:48
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 20:30

Option 3 – journey time 2:56
Leave North Wembley: 18:13
Arrive London Euston: 18:40
Leave: 18:55
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 21:09

Option 4 – journey time 2:45
Leave Wembley Central: 18:45
Arrive Milton Keynes Central: 19:33
Leave: 19:48
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 21:30

Option 5 – journey time 2:56
Leave North Wembley: 19:13
Arrive London Euston: 19:40
Leave: 19:55
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 22:09

Option 6 – journey time 3:34
Leave North Wembley: 20:43
Arrive London Euston: 21:08
Leave: 21:24
Arrive Manchester Piccadilly: 00:17

Coach - £34.50
No information is available about United official coaches running to this game.
The Betty Bus running to this game has been cancelled.

National Express is running coaches to and from the game from Manchester Chorlton Street, with places costing £34 per adult and £17 per under 16. Book in advance here.
It leaves Chorlton Street at 07:15, calls at Birmingham Coach Station at 09:15 and reaches Wembley at 12:00.

On the way back, it leaves the stadium at 17:30 (depending on when the match ends) and reaches Chorlton Street at 22:15 after calling at Birmingham Coach Station at 20:15.

It's a 4hr 45min journey both ways.

National Express also runs coaches between Manchester Chorlton Street and London Victoria Coach Station. Returns on the day cost from £16, depending on when you travel.

Leave Manchester: 06:25, 08:00
Arrive Victoria: 08:00, 13:20
Journey time: 5:10, 5:20

Leave Victoria: 19:00, 20:00
Arrive Manchester: 23:50, 00:45
Journey time: 4:50, 4:45

If you're travelling to the game from elsewhere in the country, search National Express's network map for services from your area.

Megabus runs coaches between Chorlton Street to London Victoria.

Leave Manchester: 04:30, 06:30, 08:30
Arrive Victoria: 08:30, 11:00, 13:30
Journey time: 4:00, 4:30, 5:00

Leave Victoria: 18:30, 19:30, 23:00
Arrive Manchester: 22:55, 23:55, 03:00
Journey time: 4:25, 4:25, 4:00

Plane - £144.50

British Airways and bmi offer flights between Manchester and Heathrow and Gatwick.

At the time of writing, the cheapest flights are:

Leave Manchester: 11:40
Arrive Gatwick: 12:45
British Airways
One-way cost: £59.10

Leave Heathrow: 21:00
Arrive Manchester: 22:05
One-way cost: £85.40

The Torch at 1 Bridge Street, will welcome reds on Sunday. It has a got a good pre-match atmosphere and is only a 10-minute walk from the ground. Getting served quickly can be a bit of a pain though.

The Greyhound (pictured right) at 324 Harrow Road, is another decent, large football boozer and is a 10-minute walk from Wembley Central and North Wembley station.

If you prefer something slightly quieter, head for The Windermere, in Windermere Avenue, outside South Kenton Tube Station.

It’s out of the way but the queue at the bar will be smaller and you can still make kick off if you leave 20 minutes before the game.
Another decent boozer at wich to meet up with friends before the game is the Royal George Hotel right outside London Euston.

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