Tuesday, August 11

No extra trains for Burnley match

No extra train services will be laid on for reds making their way home from the August 19 match with Burnley, Northern Rail have confirmed.

It follows supporters' concerns that they would not have enough time after the end of the match to catch the last Manchester-bound service from Burnley Central, which leaves at 21:57.

A Northern Rail spokeswoman said: "Unfortunately we do not have any additional resource to be able to run a special service for this match without seriously compromising our ability to run our normal timetabled services, which obviously have to be given priority.

"Therefore travelling fans will need to either catch the 21.57 and change at Blackburn or find alternative transport. British Transport Police are aware of the situation."

However, there are alternatives available, with National Express and The Witch Way both providing cheap buses back into Manchester after the match.

You can also book your place on The Betty Bus by emailing us at redsaway@hotmail.co.uk

A full travel and pub guide to the Burnley game can be found by clicking the link in the top left of this page.

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