Friday, March 20

United draw Porto in quarter finals

The reds will face Porto at home on April 7 and away on April 15.
If United make it through to the semi finals, they will face either Villareal or Arsenal, at home in the first leg on either April 28 or 29 and away in the second leg on May 5 or 6.
Flight deals will be announced here later today.


Oli said...

We are home 7th April and away 15th. Confirmed.

Blackie-MUFC said...

This one is not going to be cheap!!

Redder Issues said...


Where you get that infor from mate?

Blackie-MUFC said...

been looking at flights for the last 2 hours!!

zenith said...

The flight prices will come down. I'd reccommend looking at flighing to Madrid or Santiago and then onto Porto, you might save some money.