Tuesday, March 17

Champions League final tickets

You may remember that, at the start of the month, we reported that UEFA were selling 10,000 tickets to the Champions League final in Rome.
The deadline for entries passed at midday yesterday and UEFA have begun notifying those have got tickets.

So if you notice that £208.63, £154.91 or £110.11 has been taken out of your account (or double those amounts if you applied for a pair of tickets), you were successful.

UEFA have said all successful applicants will have been notified by March 31 and all tickets will be sent out by April 27, by which case we will know if United are in the final.

Ticket breakdown:
Stadium capacity: 67,000
Public ballot: 10,000
Club A allocation: 20,000
Club B allocation: 20,000
UEFA football family: 17,000

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