Saturday, March 21

Take a gamble on Rome

Yes, we're two rounds and four matches away from a possible second consecutive Champions League final, but you can book flights now at the risk of a mere £34.

It's a long way around and there a lot of ifs and buts and absolutely no guarantee that it will work out right, but it's a great alternative to paying upwards of £500 for flights (which won't necessarily be direct from Manchester) should United get to Rome.

(To avoid extra booking fees, the following must be booked using a Visa Electron for Ryanair flights and Solo or Maestro for Wizzair flights)

Monday, May 25
12.20 flight from Manchester to Dusselforf for £30 on Ryanair
19: 40 flight from Dusseldorf to Venice for £4.70 on Ryanair

Tuesday, May 26
08:00 flight from Venice to Rome for £4.65 on Ryanair


18:55 flight from Venice to Rome for £4.65 on Ryanair

Wednesday, May 27

The Champions League final in Rome.

Friday, May 29

15:00 flight from Roma to Timisoara for £7.20 on Wizzair (including Maesto/Solo booking fee)

Sunday, May 31
06:40 Timisoara to London Luton £15.42 on Wizzair (including Maesto/Solo booking fee)

Total cost: £61.97.

But, you needn't book the Manchester to Dusseldorf flight just yet, as there is no reason why it would go up much in the next few weeks.

So if you just booked the other flights, it would be an outlay of £31.97.

You can place a lay bet with Betfair on United not reaching the final. Betting £18.00 returns £32.76 and betting £34.00 returns £61.88.

Of course, it would still mean booking accommodation for a night in Venice, three nights in Rome and one night in Timisoara but you can worry about that later - and get a head start on the others booking flights and accommodation if/when United get through.

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