Monday, December 15

Stoke away - a word about parking

With there being no public transport on Boxing Day when United travel to Stoke, the vast majority of fans will be travelling by car to the game.

Matchday parking spots are expected to be extremely limited on the day and there.
There are four car parks available to away fans on the day of the game.

But if you want to park on the best and biggest two - the official club car parks (called the South car park and the Trent car park), you need to book in advance by calling Stoke City FC on 0871 663 2007. The club is happy for away fans to book.

Places cost £5 and both car parks are accessible from the A50 and well signposted.

The other two car parks are:

- The Power League complex next to the stadium and the academy tent. There are only a few hundred spaces but payment is available on the day at £4 a car.

- Heron Cross School and Bowling Club which is on the opposite side of the A50 to the stadium. Again, there are a few hundred car parking spaces, priced at £1.50 per car. Payment is available on the day.

To get there, pass the stadium on the A50, come off at the next slip road (signposted Heron Cross) turn left and turn left again at the traffic lights. At those lights turn left. Then, half a mile down the road, turn right into this car park.

A full travel guide to Stoke, Southampton and Derby will be posted after the World Club Cup games.

The next travel guide will be posted on Friday, for United's February trip in the Champions League last 16.

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