Tuesday, December 9

Possible Champions League last 16 opponents...

...are Inter Milan, Sporting Lisbon, Athletico Madrid, Lyon and Real Madrid.
The draw takes place live on Sky Sports News at 11am on Friday December 19.
United will definitely be away in the first leg, which will take place on either February 24 or 25.
However, there is the possibility that, if both Liverpool and United draw Madrid sides, one of those first leg matches would take place on March 3 or 4.
If United draw Athletico Madrid, fans would be permitted to travel to the match. Athletico did get a ban on fans for two games. They served one of them against PSV Eindhoven and then had the other game ban thrown out - as long as the fans behave themselves until the end of the season.


Anonymous said...

Whats going to happen with madrid, assume they will put back one of the games to the following week, will cause a problem booking flights if we dont know before hand.

redsaway said...

The chances are that, if both Liverpool and United draw Madrid teams, the people who do the draw would announce there and then which team plays in the first week and which team plays in the second week, so we'll know.

It won't really matter for a day or so anyway, as the actual match dates (Tuesday or Wednesday) aren't fixed until the following day.