Tuesday, December 30

Question of the day - can West Brom count?

The answer, sadly, is no. The eagle eyed among you may have noticed this from its official website.

“Eleven games are set to be ‘category A’ and priced at £40 adults, £25 seniors and £20 seniors, young adults and students, and £15 juniors (under 16s).”

Unsurprisingly, United’s trip to the Hawthorns on Tuesday January 27 is a category A game.

So why are the 2,400 tickets we’ve got priced at £42 for adults?

Even more intriguingly, Newcastle are the next team after United to play West Brom and it’s a category A fixture and – guess how much they are paying.

Yep, that’s right, £40.

Sure, you can argue it’s only £2, but, as anyone who coughed up £35 for Birmingham away games a few years back, £35 as a habit of becoming £40 and then £45 and £49.

Also, why are West Brom/United not offering the concessionary price of £25 to young adults and students?

It’s been allowed for the Southampton game, so why not West Brom?

Anyway, if you would like to apply, executive members have from now until 8am on Monday by calling 0161 868 800 and choosing option 1.

Season ticket holders have 48 hours to apply from 8am on January 7 online or by phone (see above).
It's interesting to note that manutd.com says nothing about season ticket holders having to have attended automatic cup scheme games.

Results will be out on January 12.

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