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Inter Milan travel guide

Inter Milan
San Siro Stadium, Milan
UEFA Champions League
Tuesday February 24, 2009, kick off 8.45pm local time


The home of Inter, which is shared by AC Milan, is the San Siro, which holds 80,018. No information has been released yet, but United are likely to get about 6,000 tickets for this game, depending on what local police say about security provision.

The away leg will be shown live on ITV1 and the home leg will be shown live on Sky Sports.

Organised trips
MU Travel is running a day trip for United members only for £279 per person, not including insurance
That includes direct flights from Manchester leaving on the day of the game to a Milan airport, probably Malpensa, in-flight meal and coach transfers to the stadium.
Champion Sports is also running a day trip with places costing £249 per person. The flight leaves Manchester at 7am on the day of the game and goes to a Milan airport.
The cost includes coach transfers but doesn't include insurance. Champion Sports can also secure you a match ticket if you book on this trip. They can also get you a two-night stay in a four-star hotel on request.
Travelling independently
There are several airport you can fly to in order to reach Milan. They are:

Malpensa (pictured above) (40 minutes by train)
Linate (15 minutes by taxi)
Bergamo (an hour by train)
Venice (two hours 30 by train)
Nice (four to five hours by train)
Zurich (four hours by train)
Florence (four hours 30 minutes by train)

All the following prices are checked at 12:30 today.
The prices are one way and the dates are leaving the day before the game or returning the day after it unless stated.
If the flight is with Ryanair, add on £10 if you’re booking with anything else but a Visa Electron.
Cheapest deals are highlighted in bold.

Luton 11:15 easyJet £25.99
Luton 11:15 (Tuesday) easyJet £87.89

Luton 14:15 easyJet £91.90

Bristol 16:45 easyJet £22.99
Gatwick 07:15, 14:55, 17:50 and 19:50, all easyjet, all £27.99
Gatwick 14:55 Tuesday easyJet £42.99
Manchester 07:10 Flybe £119.74
Manchester 15:15 Flybe £79.75

Bristol 20:15 easyJet £12.90
Gatwick 21:20 easyJet £46.90
Manchester 11:20 and 19:00 Flybe both £90.25

Bournemouth 10:00 Tuesday £10.00
Bristol 06:25 Ryanair £25.22
Bristol (pictured) 12.25 Tuesday Ryanair £10
Luton 06:35 Ryanair £26.22
London Stansted 08:15, 15:50 and 18:45, Ryanair, all £29.26
East Midlands 12:05 Ryanair £52.82
Liverpool 17:50 Ryanair £112:20

Bristol 15:55 Ryanair £10.01
Luton 09.55 Ryanair £35.64
Stansted 19.15Ryanair £36.11
East Midlands 10:20 Ryanair £44.11
Bournemouth 10:15 Ryanair £64.72
Liverpool 16.10 Ryanair £99.11

If you’re determined to go from Manchester and don’t mind hanging about at airports (rather than train stations), try this

Leave Manchester on Monday at 07:20, arrive Brussels S Charleroi at 09:45, leave at 19:20, arrive Bergamo at 20:45. Cost £39.54.

Leave Bergamo (pictured left) on Wednesday at 06:30 arrive Frankfurt at 07:50, leave at 11:50, arrive Manchester at 12:25, arriving back at 19:00. Cost: £18.86.

Total cost: £58.40. The only minus point, besides the waiting around, is that you’ll be probably have to get the train back to Bergamo after the match and wait there all night.

Stansted 11:40 and 19:05 £29.46 Ryanair
Stansted 11:40 Tuesday Ryanair £27.98
Liverpool 17:15 Ryanair £35.68
Gatwick 06:35 and 18:00 easyJet £32.99
Gatwick 07:50 and 15:45 British Airways £47.30
Gatwick 06:35 Tuesday easyjet £37.04

Stansted 15:00 and 22:25 Ryanair £10.01
Liverpool 20:55 Ryanair £22.17
Gatwich 21:40 easyJet £22.63

Luton 13:45 easyJet £27.99
Gatwick 08:45 and 18:00 easyJet £34.99
Liverpool 11.55 easyJet £26.99
Liverpool 11:55 Tuesday easyJet £26.99

Luton 17:25 easyjet £24.76
Gatwick 21:25 easyJet £26.76
Liverpool 15:30 easyJet £35:05

Luton 16:35 easyJet £26.21

Luton 19:55 easyJet £32.14


Gatwick 09:50 and 19:55 Meridiana £56.87
Gatwick 09:50 Tuesday Meridiana £56.87

Gatwick 08:00 Meridiana £49.23

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