Friday, December 19

Readers' questions - Milan

Q. I’m considering booking on easyJet from Liverpool to Nice for the Inter Milan away game in February. How long does it take by train by Nice and how much does it cost?

A. From Nice Airport (pictures right), you can get a bus direct to the train station, which costs about e5 and takes about 25 minutes.

Then the train takes about five hours to Milan. You can then get the Milan Metro to the Lotto stop for a few more euros.

But, while this journey is possible, don’t do it on the day of the match, as the flight lands at 15:05 and you won’t make it to Milan on time

If you’re arriving on Monday, again landing at 15:05 catch either one of these two trains:

Leave Nice Ville: 15:46
Arrive Ventimiglia: 16:35
Depart Ventimiglia 16:58
Arrive Milano Centrale (pictured left): 20:50


Leave Nice Ville: 17:59
Arrive Milano Central: 22:50

On the way back on the Wednesday, the easyJet flight leaves from Nice at 15:30.

There’s only one train you can get:
Leave Milano Central: 07:00
Arrive Ventimiglia: 11:07
Depart Ventimiglia 11:19
Arrive Nice Ville: 12:06

A return costs e60 standard class. Get time and fare information at the German bahn European trains site or the Italian trains site.

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