Friday, January 9

Readers' questions - Milan to Bergamo

Q. Whats the best way to get from Bergamo Airport to Milan city centre, especially early morning - our flight leaves at 6am on Thursday morning?

Would it be worthwhile hiring a car considering public transport will be limited after the game anyway? Alex Carr.

A. Don't hire a care. Get on the Terravision bus that leaves from outside Milano Centrale train station and runs pretty much 24 hours a day.

If you're on a 6am flight, you'll want to check in by 5am. Buses leave Milan at 4am and 4.30am and the journey takes exactly an hour (though at that time in the morning it'll be more like 40 minutes).

You can also get this service to Milan when you land in Bergamo. In fact, the only other way to town is getting a bus from the airport to Bergamo town and then getting a 50-minute train to Milan. So the bus saves you time and money.

You'll find a timetable here. It costs e10 one way or e16 return. A lot of reds will be on those early-morning coach so it is best to book online.

Some fans will know Terravision from their route from Chorlton Street to Liverpool Airport. It's a cheap, cheerful and reliable service.

Finally, if you're travelling on Ryanair, we would advise you to check in online for both your flights to and from Bergamo before you leave.

This will save you time because it means when you arrive at the airport, you can go straight to security rather than having to wait for check in, which closes 35 minutes before the flight leaves.

You can check in online up to five days before travel. You'll need a printer for your boarding passes and you can only do it if you're not putting luggage in the hold, though you can do it with hand luggage.

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