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Readers' questions - Milan drinking

Q, We don't land at Bergamo airport until around 4pm. I am a bit worried about finding a decent place to have a drink in the time we have left.

Do you know any red friendly bars/ pubs or anywhere United have congregated in the past? Wes.

A. Well, first of all, you should have plenty of time getting into Milan or to the stadium.

When you arrive at Bergamo Airport, get on the Terravision coach direct to Milano Centrale train station. It takes roughly an hour and costs e10 one way and e16 return. You can even book online to save time

The timetable is here but you should aim for the 4pm, 4.30pm or 5pm coaches.

So you'll get to Milan by 5.30pm - three hours and 15 minutes before the game. I would recommend you head towards the ground at this point.

But if you want to drink in town and sample some culture, head for the Duomo Milano by taking the Metro four stops south on the Yellow Line to Duomo station.

Here's a Metro map. If you stick with this plan, you'll at least getting near to the stadium so it's not adding to your journey.

This is the historic cathedral and the star tourist attraction of Milan. Immediately in front of it is a square called the Piazza Del Duomo with a McDonalds and some bars facing it. The building on the left of the photo, adjacent to the Duomo, is a shopping centre.

Bars in the square include Nepentha, at Piazza Diaz Armando and Nuovo Bar Delle Ore Di Pronzato Valter Renato. In past visits to Milan, reds have congregated here en masse.

Those bars are likely to be where you'll find most of the reds who are set to arrive the day before the game.

However, if you'd rather play it safe and head to the ground, take the Metro fom Milano Centrale six stops south on the Green Line get off at Cadorna, then take the Red Line five stops west (towards Molino Dorino) to Lotto Fiera 2.
When you leave the Metro, you're a 15-minute walk from the ground, though you don't need directions - just follow the crowd and the souvenir stalls.

The only problem is that there's absolutely nothing remotely resembling a bar next to the stadium, so you're better off sticking to near Lotto Metro stop.

One hidden beauty lies in the opposition direction from the ground, but not too far away and it should be quiet enough to guarantee you three or four trips to the bar before heading off to the match.

It's called the Black Bull (pictured right). From Lotto, follow the main road (Viale Enrico Elia) up for about five minutes until you come to Viale Certosa.
Turn left and you'll find the pub on the right-hand side of the road. It's small but welcoming and definitely red friendly.

Other than that, it really is slim pickings for drinking by the ground. A lot of people will be sticking to hotel bars and meeting friends there.

Good luck though and enjoy your trip.

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