Friday, January 2

...and you thought noone could get worse than West Brom!

Inter Milan are charging United fans 'approximately' £45 a ticket for the Champions League last 16 first leg tie at the San Siro on February 24.
Funny that because, when Liverpool played there at the same stage last season, they paid £24.
United have 4,000 tickets and executives members, box holders and season-ticket holders can all apply from January 26.
The application process would imply United aren't counting on selling all of them given that execs don't have priority and neither do fans who have been to Aalborg, Celtic or Villareal this season.

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Oli said...

United will release more ticket info nearer the time as they have not yet had confirmation of which tier we have or exactly how many tickets. It is not clear yet is the 4000 is including or in adition to the tickets MU Travel will get. Loyalty will count and execs don't get priority for euro aways unless they go with MU Travel. 4000 should mean anyone who did any group stage game will be looked after.

The £45 cost would imply we will get the lower tier though as Inter charge far more for them and they were £35 for the group stage games whereas the upper was £21.