Friday, January 2

Happy new year! - Train fares up seven per cent

Just when you thought you'd have an extra few quid in your pocket that 'spoons were lowering the price of beer, think again.

Yep, that's right, train fares have gone up, and while news organisations might be saying it's a six-per-cent rise, it's actually seven per cent in terms of trips to football.

Basically, train firms are only allowed to raise peak-hour tickets (for trains before 10am) in line with inflation, but they can do what the hell they like with the non-peak hour services, which we use to get to matches.

Here's a list of percentage increases for non peak-hour train services that will mostly effect reds.

Northern Rail: 7 per cent
Virgin Trains: 7 per cent
National Express East Coast: 7.4 per cent
CrossCountry: 11 per cent.

So, for example, a return from Piccadilly to Southampton on Sunday would've cost you £88.70, but now it'll cost you £94.90. Though according to National Rail you can still get them online at the cheaper price).

They say you can use statistics to prove anything. The companies have used last July's inflation rate of six per cent to come up with these rises, rather than current inflation rate of four per cent.

On the subject of trains, there was a light aircraft crash in Stafford today which has caused disruption to the West Coast mainline, so check service bulletins here before you set off on Sunday.

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