Wednesday, April 28

Police warn - "Don't travel without tickets"

Police are advising fans not to travel without a ticket to this Sunday's end of season game at the Stadium of Light.

Northumbria Police are reminding fans travelling to the Sunderland vs. Manchester United match on Sunday that this is a ticket-only fixture and no tickets will be available on the day.

Supporters who turn up without a ticket will not gain entry to the stadium.

Sunderland area commander Temporary Chief Superintendent Kay Blyth said: "We want people who are coming in the city over the bank holiday weekend to be able to enjoy their visit and not have it ruined by a few troublemakers.

"Extra police officers will be on patrol before during and after the game, if they see any individuals or groups whose behaviour has the potential to get out of hand they won't hesitate to intervene."

Superintendent Steve Neill of Northumbria Police's Operations Department said: "Our priority at all football matches is to maintain a safe environment for all supporters and we prepare thoroughly before every match so we can police it appropriately.

"We hope Sunday's end of season match between Sunderland and Manchester United passes without incident and that it is enjoyed by supporters of both clubs.

"We would remind fans they need to behave responsibly both inside and outside the stadium or they risk being arrested and banned from future matches.

"The overwhelming majority of football fans are well-behaved and want nothing more than to attend games free from the fear of violence or disorder.

"We will continue to work closely with fans and our local clubs to make football matches safe events for all concerned."

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