Friday, April 16

Police prepare for Manchester derby

Preparations are in place for the derby match between Manchester City and Manchester United on Saturday.

The match will take place at the City of Manchester stadium and Greater Manchester Police has plans in place to ensure the event is safe for the thousands of fans expected to attend.

Part of GMP's operation is to stop potential troublemakers spoiling the day and responding to anti-social behaviour quickly and robustly.

Anyone caught with alcohol on the streets within the alcohol exclusion zone, stretching from the city centre to the stadium, will have it confiscated. In addition, anyone arriving at the stadium under the influence of excess alcohol will be refused entry.

There will be additional police patrols in place in the city centre and around the ground to deal with the large number of fans who are attending and officers will be visiting pubs where the match is being shown live on TV.
Greater Manchester Police has been working hard to minimise traffic disruption on the day, but with such a large crowd expected, there will inevitably be delays in the area around the stadium and on Mancunian Way. Fans are advised to give themselves extra time to make their way to the ground.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, Gold Commander in charge of the policing operation for the game, said: "Our main aim is to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for all fans.

"The overwhelming majority who attend football matches are there to support their teams but when a minority of people misbehave or come to games with the sole intention of causing trouble, it spoils it for everyone.

"This is a high-profile fixture and we have been working closely with Manchester City Football Club to ensure the day passes off peacefully.

"Greater Manchester Police is very experienced at policing football matches. We will have the appropriate number of officers and resources within the ground and the surrounding areas to both deal with any incidents and offer reassurance to the public."

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