Friday, April 23

Loyalty pot "to stay"

United have agreed to keep the Loyalty Pot after a Fans Forum meeting today.

The club will, however, tweak the system to allow LP members the freedom not to apply to up to two consecutive games.

At the moment, LP members must apply for every game to keep in the LP.

As a result, they sometimes end up with tickets that they cannot use and the club is concerned they then get sold on to people who may not behave as well as LP members who have more to lose.

The idea is also aimed at freeing up more tickets for other applications, who currently miss out because LP members have to apply for every game.

A club source described the 600 or so LP members as "the most loyal fans in the world" and added: "There is no link between the LP and behaviour, which is a much bigger issue."

The LP change will be trialled for a year.

The club said nothing about plans to introduce an away travel club or a charge for applying for away tickets.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that from united. the LP members will sell tickets to people who may not behave then at the bottom say there is no link between the LP members and behaviour! classic

Anonymous said...

I sent Reds Away the information and the issue of allowing LP members to miss 2 applications a season was to a) take away the threat of people missing one application and being thrown out and 2) to stop people applying for the hell of it in order to free more tickets up for the standard pot. Nothing contradictory.

Anonymous said...

One way or another it will not change a thing. Guaranteed. Us standard pot members will still only get one league away and maybe the odd cup away a season.
E.g. for the past three seasons i have had 6 aways(3 for rovers - WOW!) after applying for every single domestic away and ill bet my bottom dollar that it doesnt change.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is probably right, it will change nothing for people in the standard pot. But with 48,000 ST holders who had bought the Carling Cup home tickets, how could it be any different? That is why they created a loyalty pot, and not everyone can be in it, so they used strict and fair criteria.

Anonymous said...

Thats fair enough but an old bloke from my local opted out of the Carling Cup but still got Wolves away in the league when he applied which to be honest is very unfair. Is the loyalty pot not something that started in 2002?

Anonymous said...

Obv the guy that got Wolves was a computer error etc as that should not happen. I don't want to defend the club as loads of the ticket office staff are useless, but that was prob an admin error rather than policy.

And yes, the LP started in 2002 and you need to have had applied for every game for about 3 or 4 years before to get in.

Anonymous said...

The Wolves thing was obv a mistake as that shdn't happen.

The LP started around 2002 and you had to have applied for every game for a few years before to get in, of which there were around 1500 people, it has now halved due to people dropping out over 8 years or so.