Sunday, October 18

Top 10 tips for those going to Moscow

By now you should have your flights booked, visa sorted and hotel in hand.

But for those of you flying out to Moscow in the next three days, there are a few more essentials you need to know to to make your trip safe and comfortable.

1. Print out
this tube map. It's in English and Cyrillic

2. The Metro doesn't have ticket machines, so you have to buy them from staff, who don't speak English and there are often queues.

So before using the Metro, work out roughly how many journeys you're going to do during the whole of your stay in Moscow.

You'll get a ticket with that number of journeys on it regardless of the day you use it. At the counter, say one of the following:

1 - Adeen
2 - Dva
3 - Tri
4 - Chiteri
5 - Pyat
6 - Syest
7 - Syem
8 - Vosyem
9 - Dyevit
10 -Dyesit

3. Dress for the weather. It'll be about 6c/43F on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so take a coat! According to the BBC, it will be sunny on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and will rain on Wednesday.

4. Don't count on drinking near the ground. There are no pubs there and selling alcohol near the ground is banned on match day. Stay in the centre.

5. Print out and follow the guide United have compile a fans' guide for this match here.

6. Always carry your Russian visa and all related documents. Also, ask your hotel for a card just in case the police need it.

7. Get more information from the Football Supporters' Federation guide here.

8. If you're using a taxi, always negotiate a price beforehand. Drivers who use meters tend to go the long way around. The last time United went to Moscow, there were tales of reds enduring two-hour journeys from the airport when it should have taken 30 minutes. Most drivers speak enough English to negotiate a price.

9. Print out this advice provided by the British Foreign Office for British nationals travelling in Russia.

10. Based on the last time United were in Moscow, there is a strong possibility CSKA Moscow fans may cause trouble with reds - though the area around the stadium will be heavily policed and safe.

Stay in well-populated, well-lit central areas and don't provoke anyone who confronts you.

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