Thursday, October 22

Barnsley pre-match - South Yorkshire Police respond

In super quick time, South Yorkshire Police superintendent David Hartley has replied to our questions in a bid to give reds more help ahead of Tuesday's trip to Barnsley.

He says:

"The management of the Metrodome have opened the sports hall area, with bar, big screen, and the necessary staff to make accommodation of large numbers realistic.

"Not to say that working at capacity may not involve some queuing, but it has in the past, with our local derbies, proved very effective when full capacity away support is expected.

"With the ground bar and refreshment open before the game for those who wish to go straight in, and the Metrodome - this has proved capable of meeting demand for similar fixture.

" There is also Harbrough Hills Club nearby which provides a similar local refreshment to the ground as a contingency.

" In summary, using local facilities to the ground makes the police job of ensuring safety of loyal fans easier to manage, and the job of identifying and intervening with trouble makers clearer.

" There is no ring of steel, simply efforts to help put enjoyment first, by giving me the best chance of minimising risk to normal supporters of football."

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Oli said...

The implication from his latest quote is that all away fans arer not 'normal fans' - nice eh.